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Team VIT Innovators takes the second place with app “Voice Ur Vote”

Elections are round the corner and we won’t be surprised if many people come up with weird reasons for not casting their vote. One in every ten people says “I’m not sure about him/her” when asked about which representative they would like to choose. At Venturesity, we thought of helping the voting population make a firmer decision and cast their votes as well. Android Hackathon on 29th and 30th March revolved around mobilizing voters. We already mentioned Team Indifferent and their app ‘Mood nation’ in our earlier blog. Today we will tell you more about our second winning teamVIT Innovators and their app Voice Ur Vote.


Hailing from VIT Campus, this team of 7 students came up with an unique app to encourage more and more voters to cast their vote. Convincing people to use their voting rights during elections is a task in itself. Instead of going about with loud speakers and pledging round the clock, VIT students found a better way to let know the world about their representatives, take a decision whom to choose and also influence others to cast their vote. “Voice Ur Vote” app uses Facebook login and also embeds the feature of poking your friends if they haven’t voted. The team members comprised of Marothiya Laxmaan, Deep Dwivedi, Dilip Jain, Vatsal Mahajan, Jalal Minda, Abhinav Dua and Pramod Kumar.

We got in touch with Vatsal to know more about their app. Here’s all we got to know:

What programming languages did you use?
We used Java (JSON, Android) and MySQL for our app.

Which version of android will your app support?
Our app supports all versions below 4.3 and 4.3 as well.

What are the open source libraries you have used?

  • Graph View-Master: for creating graphs;
  • Facebook API: for Facebook integration, login, Facebook friend-list sync, posting in our app.
  • Google App Engine: to host database.

How did you go about testing your app? When are you planning to launch?
We simply tested our app in around 7 android phones on the day of hackathon. The app did great on all the phones. As for releasing it on Playstore, we look forward to launch it sometime in mid June this year.

What is your stance on your application’s security?
We have taken care of the security issue. Our data is handled by Google App Engine and login/registration by Facebook.

What sources do you credit for help?
The entire app is our own innovation. Starting with ideation to development, it was entirely our own contribution. We have not referred to any source as such.

“Voice ur Vote” app has come out as refreshing app voicing the opinion of common people. We wish Team VIT Innovators all the best for their future endeavours. We look forward to have this app in the Playstore really soon.



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