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Top 10 Fears Keeping People From Growing Their Careers

We are not living our dreams because we’re living in fear. Let’s do a self-introspection here. What’s holding us back from landing with our dream job or advancing in our careers? Are we afraid of failure or it’s mere distaste to the enthusiasm and putting in that extra effort? Stress, responsibilities or indolence to work? What is it really?
What we fail to understand is that our greatest fear carries our success behind them. Everything we want is on the other side of fear. You need to conquer your fears to get to the other side.
We need to discuss it out in the open, go through it and not around it. So, let’s understand, absorb and reciprocate to some of the most common fears experienced by our generation.
Fear of failure: This haunts many people, and holds them back from unleashing their true potential. But what we need to understand is that failure is the only way to learn. The most successful people in the world experienced failures that propelled them towards success.
Fear of success: This doesn’t just relate to the fear of succeeding and standing out of the crowd. The fear of ‘log-kya-kahenge’ and the back bitching is invited every time when you drive some attention. There is much more to it. DO NOT FEEL GUILTY for doing something good for yourself. You’ve worked hard to deserve and earn it. Get past the small talks, look towards the big talks coming your way.
Fear of leadership: With great power comes great responsibilities. If Spiderman saves the day, New Yorkers praise him. But if he screws up the Daily Bugle will roast and eat him alive. When you are a leader, you’ll need to bear the heavy palanquin of pride and pain. If that fear of taking responsibility takes you back, you need to push yourself forth, that is what a true leader does.
Fear of speaking: The thought of speaking in public sends chills down your spine. Not everybody is comfortable expressing them before an audience. You may have great ideas but your fear of sharing it in words may be taken as your inability to ideate. This should be the first on one’s checklist to get rid of. How? Take one step at a time.
Fear of not being perfect: If you are a perfectionist you may spend days editing your resume, LinkedIn and job portal profiles rather than taking a step forward and actually applying for jobs. You are not perfect or imperfect, you’re just you. Be original and fearless.
Fear of judgment: It accompanies the fear of success and imperfection. If you are successful, people doubt your means, if you fail they’ll doubt your capabilities. Get rid of this fear of judgement. Why pay heed to it anyways? Isn’t concentrating oneself to achieve your objectives is for the greater good?
Fear of the unknown: This gentleman, in particular, has killed so many dreams. There are endless questions with no answers. You fear everything, even a black cat! You lose trust on your capabilities and the work you’ve put in. In short, you’re uncertain about everything, even yourself! Sometimes all you need is to trust yourself.
Fear of trespass: This fear haunts the women majorly. In the so-called, ‘male-dominant society’ they face encroachments on their thoughts and actions every day. Unheard voices and opinions lower the self-confidence and people start refraining from participation.
Fear of loneliness: Many people stay in negative career situations because they are afraid of being alone. Breaking away from the pack, or being isolated regular folks and situations one is used to, haunts them thoroughly. You really need to stand out and stand ahead if you want to win!
Fear of rejection: What if they say a no? What if my opinion is discarded? You do get what I intend to project here, isn’t it? We all face this at some point or another and enter a state of complacency hence surrendering to the situations. If you really have an urge to win, you need to break free from the shackles and move ahead.
All we need is to dust off our shoulders, pat our backs and say to ourselves, “Yes you can!” and that’s it. Unlock the door of darkness and despair and step into the light!

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