What Happened At Code Haus?

Where were you on the morning of Saturday, March 18th, 2017? If you weren’t at our office in Indiranagar, you missed out on a great event! I had the pleasure of leading the 1st Code Haus, and I must say, it was quite unlike anything I had experienced at Venturesity before. This was a codesprint …

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A World Without Women Engineers

There is no economy without engineering. Any industry that sells or uses a product needs an engineer. Engineers create everything; the buildings, software, machinery and equipment for every sector that you can think of. – From software in the banking industry to the kicksass machinery in Charlie’s Chocolate Factory. Once considered a man’s profession, Engineering …

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5 Easy Steps To Honing Your Coding Skills

Like anything else, there is no standard procedure for learning to code. There might be guidelines, there might be courses,and ideologies but there is no set way of going about it. But wait up we’ve got it all covered for you. Here’s a 5 step kickass manual to honing your coding skills! Let’s get started: …

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7 Things You May Not Know About Julia

You know what’s the cool new language on the block? Julia! This is a completely fresh approach to technical computing. It sure is a high level and high-performance language but what you don’t know is that it also provides a sophisticated compiler. The syntax is good old familiar one and some amazing features tells us …

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Evaluating ‘good’ content from a programming POV

Evaluation is a difficult task and when it bundles up with having a set perspective, it may blow your brains out. Rating a piece of code/content on the no of lines the coder writes will not establish the skillfulness of a programmer. For instance, writing a complicated algorithm might require a lot of time and …

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Our Top 5 Hack Ideas Of 2016 – Winning submissions!

The year is nearing its end. And what a year this was! Over 150 momentous hacks and events with thousands of hackers creating magic. A great hack idea was what stood between the winners and losers. It was a year of IOT, AI, Chatbots, Machine Learning, Cloudtech, Android and what not. It was also a …

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Mind Maps, the name speaks a thousand words

What is it in reality? A roadmap to success or just any other fancy form of art? Why is it such a big deal? Why does a major chunk of fortune 500 companies use mind maps today to solve their problems? So many questions, such less time. So let me brush you up on the basics. Towards …

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Join us, learn with us, hack with us. #Beindemand.

Online education has been a buzz word for a while now. And the list of online education sites goes on and on … Coursera, Udacity, Udemy etc. Also, the advantages and disadvantages of online education are fairly well known. But I think that you will agree, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. And now, online …

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All That Hack: Rio Olympics

Trumpets trilled, fireworks blazed the skies and the Olympian gladiators marched forward. The games have begun! The Rio Olympics saw a magnificent opening last week. Athletes, medallions, cheers, cries and all that jazz which you might be experiencing from watching the games. But do you know all that is ha/ck/ppening around it too? Well, you …

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I just Found and Caught a Pikachu – Find your’s now!

The chubby cheeked, cute little electric mouse or Pikachu has been our favorite since childhood. Whenever we hear the word Pokémon, he is the first character that brushes past our mind. Pikachu has been like an ambassador for Pokémon ever since the whole concept was created. You could never imagine that a cute shiny, yellow …

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A man-in-the-machine approach to Machine Learning

Imagine that you’ve created a brand new recommendation system for your website. How would you test its relevance and quality? More importantly, how would you improve the quality of personalization and recommendations. Your first thought may be to throw automation at the problem. But Edwin Chen says that a human evaluation approach might be the …

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3 Major Reasons to NOT become a Venturesity Student Ambassador

Becoming a student ambassador might be a kickass opportunity to get rewarded both at a personal and at your career level. Venturesity has already launched its Campus Ambassador program but why should one be interested? I mean duh! What’s so new? I will give you further reasons to not roll up as our student ambassador. …

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Excellent Excel Functions That Every Data Analyst Should Know

“In God we trust; all others must bring data.”, said a great American statistician.

Data Analytics are the eyes and ears to the humongous data that companies generate. As analysts, we try to make sense out of these numbers at every step. We find the missing pieces of the puzzles, connect the dots and bring out a story. This storytelling helps the parent (companies) understand their child (data) better. We help the parents plan their kid’s present and future better so that it grows to become a top shot winner!

What can be measured can be managed and if not then we cannot improve it.

So think about this analogy: fuel goes into the engine, combustion happens and the vehicle runs. Neat and simple. So your information is the oil and analytics your combustion engine. Now there are various types of engines used according to the information fed. Statistical modelling, big data analytics, forecasting tools, machine learning and what not. (more…)

When Hackers Pushed The Envelope At The PushAThon

April 2nd, 2016, was a day packed with hackathons (and, therefore, a whole lot of excitement) in Bangalore. At different venues in the city, coders and hackers assembled to create kickass products and develop reliable technical solutions to complex problems. One of the buzzing venues was the offices of PushEngage where the grand PushAthon was …

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If your startup is an animal, what would it be?

Unicorns, waterbears, cockroaches … everyone is comparing startups to these animals. A silly thing to do, isn’t it? And besides, I don’t think these comparisons are quite correct. But let’s have some fun this, shall we? What if startups were really animals? What kind of animals would they be? Here is our view: The Phoenix …

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