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VentureHack III Success diaries

Venturesity’s periodic hiring event VentureHack III took place on Sunday, November 9th of this year. Aspiring job seekers, some all the way from Vellore and Mysore, went through a two stage screening process before they got to meet the startups.

The first stage consisted of potential hires going through a 90 minute, 30 question MCQ test which consisted of questions based on aptitude and programming. The aptitude section consisted of 20 questions each worth 1 mark while the programming section consisted of 10 questions worth 2 marks. 0.25 marks were deducted for every wrong answer in the aptitude section while 0.5 marks were deducted for every wrong answer in the programming section. Shubham Gupta, from Vellore Institute of technology, top scored.

The second stage was an open-book coding challenge that lasted 2 hours. The candidates were required to demonstrate their coding skills on three challenging problems. Ankita Priya managed to solve all three problems!

In the third and final stage, candidates met the participating startups: Witworks, Meradata, Roomys and Momoe. At the end of the event, the following candidates were shortlisted: Shubham from V.I.T. in Witworks, and Pramod from V.I.T. in Meradata. Furthermore, at the time of this writing, 3 more candidates are in the pipeline.

The event was a great success and the participants benefited from our pre-learning content which covered topics that were tested in the aptitude section of the MCQ. According to Abhishek Mukundan, the learning material was very relevant and helpful for him in clearing the aptitude round.

Our next hiring event is on Saturday, November 22nd starting at 9:00am. If you want to test your skills, and may be even get hired, join us in the event! Registrations are now open for prospective job seekers. Companies looking for fresh talent can contact us too!

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