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Venturehack , Event I- Success Diaries

Venturesity’s hiring event Venturehack happened at the end of June this year. Around 160 aspiring job seekers appeared for the written test and went through the three step screening procedure before they got to meet Startups. While engineers challenged their knowledge base with 50 multiple choice questions based on Aptitude, Database, SQL and Java, the startups’ panel had companies like Sigmoid, Peelworks, Butterfly, and campus diaries.To know more about what happened in the event, read our previous blog post “Venturehack- Rewind”.

Students who got recruited stand as a testimony to the success of this event. Along with other startups, Venturesity also indulged in internal hiring. One such talent to join Team Venturesity under Operations is Kritika Kumari, designated as Tech Consultant (Android).

“Kritika is very focused and is eager to learn more”, said Imran (Tech consultant) who leads the Course Operation team in Venturesity. “Kritika had a standard score, given that we had negative markings too. We liked her positive approach towards work” quoted Harsh, who is part of Operations team along with Imran.

Kritika has been a valuable addition to the team. On her part, it has been a great experience. She says “ After a long time, I am feeling happy and relaxed. I finally got placed in Venturesity as a Technology Consultant(Android) in the Course Operations team.
The selection procedure consisted of mainly four rounds, the first round was a written test, after clearing the first round, I had to go through the second round which was to correct error in a given code. The third round was technical round with various startups along with Venturesity where a lot of technical questions were asked. The final round was the HR round.
Finally I cleared all the rounds and got the offer letter. The entire event was very precise and systematic. The questions were spanned from easy to tough. I am glad I had appeared for this written exam. Such events are really encouraging and rewarding.”

Venturesity’s co-founder Subhendu Panigrahi says “We will keep having these events on a regular basis for fresh graduates as well as experienced job seekers.” Venturehack was a great way to open doors to people to come and put their skills to test. A fair assessment is more essential than anything when it comes to building a team. This event has helped startups to find the right combination of talents they are looking for, while students underwent a self-analysis of their own skill sets.

“We look forward to organize the second innings of this event on 13th july starting at 9:00 am. Our aim has always been to connect good talents with prospective startups. Conducting such hiring events on a regular basis can be quoted as our next step towards building a healthy product ecosystem” said Subhendu.



Banasmita Biswal

Please let me know when this event will organise…..


i want to get a job in database line


is 2013 passout eligible for this?


looking forward to event

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