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Venturesity Weekly Challenge I

Ever since I was a small boy, I was fascinated by mazes. However, all the mazes that I had come across were trivial; they could easily be solved by going backwards. So, I resolved to create mazes of my own. Oh, they were devilishly tricky things: some were mirror images of each other (both backwards and forwards), so that little trick of going backwards would not work on them! Some were on the back of Mobius strips, and still others involved number games. There were guillotines, drawbridges, ghouls and the like. My sister was my guinea pig; she was to solve (and did solve!) them. They were much harder than the usual mazes that you see in the magazines.

Here is a maze that I made up when I was about 14. The idea behind the maze is not unique to me; it is a rediscovery. The goal is to get to the center of the maze (what else?) starting from the cell marked 1 in the bottom left. The number on each square tells you how many squares to move either left or right, up or down. Note however, in a move, you have to go either left (or right, up or down). For example, if you landed on the square marked with a 3, and you have chosen to move left, then you have to move three steps to the left (don’t include the square you are on as part of the count!). Also, you cannot go past the lines marked in bold in the figure (obvious maybe?)


After you have solved this maze, perhaps you would be inspired to create your own! Send us your mazes at and we may amaze you by putting them up on our website for others to solve.



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