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Venturesity introduces new education model- The Flipped Model

Fliped model class room

Education has come a long way from being within four walls of a classroom to the comforts of your home! In an effort to make online education more appealing and purpose-serving comes the new education model of ‘Flipped Learning’. After MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course), its now time for a new model.

First, we will see what differentiates the two. In other words, what led to the need of a new learning model-



Recorded classes are given to students, along with assignments within those recorded hours. On successful completion, certificates are issued.

Recorded lectures are given to students prior to the class, so that they can learn it at their own pace. They learn the recorded material and come to class where they do projects with the help of instructors.

The urgency to run to classes got replaced by online classes where you could enjoy the comforts of your home as well as learn your subject. On the other hand, learning the course content and completing assignments, all in a Live session may not be feasible to every student. Flipped model takes care that every student gets the luxury of learning at their own pace as well as participate in activities and discussions only when they are ready.

Venturesity’s new teaching model

Venturesity continues to provide online courses in the best possible model. Keeping up with that, Venturesity picked up the best part of MOOCs and made it go LIVE. The result was ILOC- Instructor Led Online Course model where the instructor taught LIVE instead of broadcasting recorded sessions.

Since the only thing constant is change, Team Venturesity is quick to adopt new techniques. We understand the increasing as well as varying needs of our students. The pace at which every student learns varies from one to another. Catering to the immediate needs, Venturesity incorporated the Flipped model in ILOC. The question is how?

In a flipped model, pre-recorded version of the course material along with details about projects included are sent to the students which they can learn at their own pace sitting in the comforts of their homes. What follows next is an activity-based classroom session, where students do practical assignments under the guidance of the instructors. Venturesity will follow the same model except that the classroom for our students will still remain to be their choice of place. Our instructor will come live on the scheduled date and start on with interactive discussions, quizzes, questionnaires and project work.

Why did we introduce the Flipped Model?

Flipped model has the advantage of attending every students need separately. Although in our ILOC model, our instructor and students could have a one-to-one interaction, we wanted to make it more effective.

Students can go through the course materials at their own pace. Our ILOC model required our students to attend class on a specific time and date. This means that although our students had the comforts of doing the class from any location they prefered, there was still a time-constraint. Like a classroom session, in every session new module is taught. The disadvantage we saw in this is our students were bound to complete the module in that specific class session, because in the next session our instructor will move to a new topic.While most of our students found it easy to learn, at times we find few students unable to keep up with the pace. Our instructors and Teaching Assistants are available throughout to help students, yet moving from one to topic to another and getting back to doubts from a previous topic results in divided attention from both students and instructors.

To remove this necessity to complete a module in the same time as others, we introduced the flipped model. In this model, you get to study at your own pace. The instructor conducts online activities where you are required to implement what you have learnt. If you get stuck somewhere, you get your issues addressed in the live session. Unless your doubts are cleared, you do not need to hurry to proceed to the next topic. Let others bypass you, you can take your time to learn the subject.

Join us and build a better future

The model makes sure that a student doesn’t move ahead without actually learning the entire concept taught in the module. In doing so, at times those students who have grasped the subject matter come to aid to students who are lagging behind via discussion forums.

With our new model, you will be able to reach the end in less time. We will have the same hours devoted to our students, but the amount of learning will speed up with this model.

Learning has to be interactive, and to do so Venturesity has gone all the way to implement new methods and technologies. Register with us and flip your career for a better future.


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