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Venturesity joins the “Hour Of Code” league from 13 December, 2013

The “Hour of Code” campaign sponsored by is spreading all over the globe like fire. It is a rare occasion when President Obama and Eric Cantor, House Republican Majority Leader are vouching for the same issue, but seems like Hour of code has brought the two names to one table backing the campaign. To add, Apple and Microsoft have also extended their full support in teaching computer science to 5 million students through 33,000 online classrooms all over the world.

Catching up with the pace, Venturesity is soon to join the league of “Hour of code”. From this Friday, December 13, Venturesity is opening doors to individuals interested in learning to code! The language ought to be taught is Ruby because we believe Ruby as a programming language is easy to learn by a beginner.Three days in a week- Friday, Saturday and Sunday, in an hour students will be taught all they need to know about Ruby, without having to pay a single cent!

Ruby as a programming language is famed to provide an awesome coding experience to any developer about to start coding. It is relatively an easy language to grasp for a novice. It enables you to write functional, objective and critical codes with immense ease. Venturesity will take you on an enjoyable coding ride through the entire process of installing “gems” (a package manager used by Ruby to download repositories and libraries easily) to writing code in Ruby! In these hour long classes, be a master of Ruby and give a boost to your coding skills.

The world couldn’t agree more with Mr.Obama when he said “Don’t just download the latest app, help design it” Apple’s “Hour of Code Youth Workshops” at every Apple Store and Codecademy‘s new iPhone app, Codecademy: Hour of Code hit the headlines soon after the campaign was launched on 9 december 2013.

If you try to understand what led to this intensive coding initiative, you will be surprised to know that Computer Science as a subject is the least opted in graduation. It is not because no one knows about it, but because no one tried to understand the opportunities it provides. Market statistics have shown that there are more jobs than students. That is definitely something to worry about.

With a handful of colleges offering courses in Computer Science, the craze for mathematics and other science subjects has saturated the market. The scenario in California is depressing to a great extend. Hadi Partovi, founder of says “In California, computer Science has the same classification as a class on Horseshoe making“.

Hadi Partovi hopes to bring about a change in the patterns of education with the “Hour of Code” initiative. Students need to understand that ignoring computer science as a major subject might as well lead them to lose on some great job openings. Venturesity calls upon all novice to learn Ruby every weekend for an hour each day. notes that almost 120,522,587 lines of codes have been written down. Others have already started writing their lines of codes. When are you starting yours? Sign up and be a part of this awesome coding week. The hour glass at Venturesity will tilt from December 13, 2013. Hurry up! It’s coding time!

Pre-requisites: An open and inquisitive mind having access to internet and a laptop!


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