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Venturesity Turns Three!!

Wow! What a journey it has been! A blink of an eye, and boom! 3 years have passed since the birth of Venturesity. Yes. Venturesity turned 3 recently. And with enough twists and turns in our story to keep audiences entertained for the next 300 years!

I must admit that I was not privy to the earliest twists in the tale. But what I’ve heard makes for an interesting yarn … an anecdote for another day. (Yes, someone is showing off his thesaurus skills. How many synonyms for story can you come up with?!)

Anyway, let’s get back to the topic at hand. How did we celebrate our birthday? The Venturesity way! On Friday night, June 17th, 2016, we invited all winners of our hackathons, online challenges and codefests for pizza and a few drinks at our new office in Indiranagar.

After all, we are the community, for the community, by the community!

V the community!
We the community!

Our very own famous Saranya Chowdary kicked off this big bash with an impassioned speech recapping our journey thus far. Following this, she talked a little bit about our future plans and how all this would not have been possible without all of you: our enthusiastic participants. You guys ROCK!!

Following her Gettysburg address, we had the ceremonial cutting of the cake. Rajesh Rai, our cofounder and the father of Venturesity did this cake cutting.  Navodit Ravi, our digital marketing head, and our latest employee was fed the cake from the Godfather’s hand.

Myna Bisineer, our COO, the aforementioned Rajesh Rai, and Prashant Koirala, one of our other cofounders were all there too! Only Subhendu Panigrahi was missing from our “BRAIN TEAM” because he was in the U.S. spreading our wings internationally.

I don’t think that he was really missed though, as we found his doppelganger Akshay Kadam. (Hey Subhendu! When did you become a hackathon attendee? –Author’s note).

Subhendu on the left, Akshay on the right
Subhendu on the left; Akshay on the right

Once we picked up our jaw from the floor after noticing Subhendu’s twin, we had every attendee introduce themselves. They came from all “walks of life”: from the winners of our online challenges like Ms. Hackers to the latest hackathon winners. We also had our rockstar team, Team BROids. (Hey, Dawar and Brijesh! Good to see you guys there!!)

A funny thing happened during the intros. You see, we held the floor open for discussions on how you, dear user, could suggest ways for us to improve. During these discussions, it came out that people would like more learning material to prepare for the hackathons and challenges ahead. As a result, we’ve decided to increase the number of LearnUps we hold! But of course, more LearnUps mean that we need more mentors.

The attendees had a solution to that too! Many attendees volunteered their time to become mentors for upcoming LearnUps and hackathons. That’s cool, no? Attendees identifying the problem, solving it with the solution involving the community?  That’s truly a community by the community and for the community.

Of course, this wouldn’t be a Venturesity bash without an icebreaker session thrown in, right? Enter Kushagara. If you’ve taken part in any of our hacks, you’d know Kushagara! He’s the live wire in charge of these cool sessions.  So it was only fitting that he was in charge of this showdown.

Kushagara being Kushagara
Kushagara being Kushagara

The icebreaker session was NOT the spaghetti and marshmallow thing.

This time around, participants had to pick letters of the English alphabet randomly from a bag a la Scrabble. Each participant got a single letter. The idea was to form the largest word possible.

How? Simple. They had to go around the room asking people what letters they had and to partner with them to form a viable word. The group that won the challenge formed the word HEADS. I don’t remember which five attendees came up with that word. You see, I took part in this challenge too! And our team came up with the word CRUSH but we were crushed as we were a few seconds too late. I hate to lose. 🙁

It was fun, regardless. And I guess I talked about the icebreaker session way too much in depth. So I won’t bore you with more details of what happened during the session.

But I do want to take time out to thank Paras Pundir, our community manager, who made all this possible. So kudos to him!

Anyway, the session concluded, and it was time to eat! Pizza was here!! Attendees gorged themselves silly on pizza and drinks … which was perhaps the main point of it all.  I don’t remember quite how late the bash went on, but I know I went to bed circa 12. Hackers and pizza go hand in hand, don’t you think?

Pizza hacking!
Pizza hacking!

It was certainly a fun event! And as I alluded to earlier in the post, one important point that came up was the idea of community lead mentoring sessions.  So if you want to lead such sessions, or have suggestions for ways for us to improve, drop us a line at Go on, we won’t bite. Hard, anyway. 😉


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