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What are Java Essentials for Android App Developers?

Hello World! (Always a cool way to begin a technical blog). As covered in my previous blog post about Why you should learn Android Programming, I would like to delve into the details of the Java essentials needed to commence learning Android programming.

The bottom line is that you need to learn Java to start building your awesome android apps. Here are some of the concepts, instructions and software that might prove highly helpful in your endeavors.

Java Essentials for Android App Developers

Java Essentials for Android App Developers

1.  Programming Environment

  • An ideal Java environment is critical to write Java code with ease and personal convenience. We recommend using the Eclipse IDE from the very beginning for all your Java as well as Android related programming. Android App Developers must have programming environment i.e Eclipse.

2. Primitive Data types

  • Data types form the very basic and the core of programming with Java. It’s important to learn in great detail about almost all data types that come in handy in day-to- day programming. They include  character type, int type, float type, boolean etc.

3. Strings

  • Strings also form an essential part of Java programming. Implementations of concatenation, searching parts of string etc. are an important part of Java and prove on to be highly useful programming tools in the long run.

4. Selection Control Structures

  • Conditional statements like if, if-else, switch etc. are quintessential when it comes to carrying out operations when certain conditions are fulfilled. They too form the crux of carrying out programming in any language.

5. Methods

  •  There are many instances when similar tasks need to be carried out multiple times within a program. Functions or methods come handy here. You’ll use hundreds of functions when programming in any language hence it’s crucial to become adept at using them. Some of the implementations of functions might be to find the largest number among a list of numbers, searching a particular word in a string etc.

6. Classes

  • In the real world, you’ll find many similar objects of the same kind. Java is essentially an object-oriented language, an aspect of it which differentiates it from many low-level programming languages such as C. Let’s take the example of a bicycle in the real world. Bicycles share properties of having two wheels, a seat etc. We can say that someone’s bicycle is an instance of the class of objects, bicycles. Even when programming in Java (and even in Android!), you might have to create classes that contain similar attributes and functions within them. Objects of that class can be called in a variety of situations to make programming efficient, simpler and more concise.

7. Inheritance, Interfaces and Abstract Classes

  • Objects define their interaction with the outside world through the methods that they expose. Methods form the object’s interface with the outside world; the buttons on the front of your television set, for example, are the interface between you and the electrical wiring on the other side of its plastic casing. You press the “power” button to turn the television on and off. In its most common form, an interface is a group of related methods with empty bodies. A bicycle’s behavior, if specified as an interface, might appear as follows:
interface Bicycle {        //  wheel revolutions per minute      void changeCadence(int newValue);        void changeGear(int newValue);        void speedUp(int increment);        void applyBrakes(int decrement);  }

8. Arrays

  • An array is a container object that holds a fixed number of values of a single type. They are important in storing data of a particular type and are highly expedient when accessing data (especially when making lengthy android apps)

Example of an array

All these concepts can immensely help you as well as Android App Developers get on a smooth track to learn android programming, to understand Java essentials and build amazing android apps. Do check out Venturesity’s Android Course.



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