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What are the Prerequisites to learn Big Data Analytics?

Are you intrigued by the world of Big Data innovations, yet discover it somewhat obscure and see the entire thing as a huge riddle. It is safe to say that you are looking to see how Big Data affect huge and little business and individuals like any of us? Do you feel numerous individuals discuss Big Data and Hadoop, and even don’t have the foggiest idea about the rudiments like history of Hadoop, significant players and sellers of Hadoop. At that point this blog is only for you!

What is Big Data?

At its most fundamental, “Big Data” is amazingly a lot of organized and/or unstructured information, too enormous for investigation in conventional databases and database administration tools. This information can originate from sensors, click streams, presents on online networking destinations, mixed media information (pictures, feature), transactions, log records, constant GPS information and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

This method colossal measures of information. Terms, for example, exabytes (20 zeros) and quintillion (18 zeros) are utilized. As of right now we make 2.5 quintillion bytes of information a day which implies that 90 percent of the information on the planet today has been made in the most recent two years

Who can learn Big Data?

Big Data is a type of Mathematics.Much the same as analytics is the mathematics of progress, and probability is the math of likelihood, Big Data is the arithmetic of adequacy. It totals information at big scale — it doesn’t work at little scale. So before you learn Big Data you should be good in Mathematics and aptitude.

The extent that what Big Data aptitudes to learn throughout this time of move, it ought to be a mixture of what’s most noteworthy paying as well as what regions you have ardor for. We see 3 general gatherings of information pros.

  • Current framework directors can realize some Java aptitudes and additionally cloud administrations administration abilities to begin working with Hadoop establishment and operations.
  • Current DBAs and ETL information architects can learn Apache Pig and related advances to create, work, and streamline the massive information streams going into the Hadoop framework.
  • Current BI analysts and data analysts can learn SQL ,Hive,R and Python to wrangle, examine, and envision the information gathered inside Hadoop.

What skills are required?

So we realize that Big Data is enormous, no quip proposed. We realize that it is driving employment development. How would you hop on this temporary fad? What do you have to know and what aptitude would it be advisable for you to have in the event that you need to seek after a Big Data vocation?

Big Data jobs ordinarily oblige an expansive reach of aptitudes. The uplifting news for tech-adroit force clients and business-clients is that a considerable lot of the employments don’t oblige in-your-face programming abilities but instead oblige business or other jobs particular information, solid systematic aptitudes, and learning of analytic tools.

What are some particular abilities that can offer assistance? Learning of:

  • Data mining and machine learning methods
  • Information visualization tools
  • Information warehousing
  • ETL (concentrate, decipher, load)
  • (Hadoop is an Apache undertaking to give an open-source usage of frameworks for solid, adaptable, disseminated processing and information stockpiling.)
  • Prescient demonstrating
  • Measurably displaying with instruments, for example, R, SAS, or SPSS
  • Organized and unstructured databases

What Types of Jobs Are There In Big Data?

The need to “do something” with the greater part of this data is making countless information related employments. What would it be advisable for you to search for when searching for a Big Data work? In a brisk output of employment sheets you will discover occupation titles, for example, Big Data Engineer, Data Mining Engineer or Data Mining (Big Data) Engineer. The title that has truly come into vogue in the most recent year and a half is Data Scientist, yet enormous information employments can accompany more everyday titles, for example, Business Analyst, Business Intelligence Analyst, Data Analytics Engineer, or Data Architect.

What these occupations all have in like manner is the need to “comprehend” the greater part of this data – to transform it into something that can drive knowledge and movement.

Notwithstanding the employments that oblige specialized and logical abilities, remember that there is likewise a requirement for individuals with a solid “conversational” information of Big Data to market and offer enormous information items and administrations. So remember those Big Data and Hadoop Product Manager, and Big Data Sales Representative employment.

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Thanks for posting this. Very nice recap of some of the key points in my talk. I hope you and your readers find it useful! Thanks again


can i learn big data analytics, after doing oracle database [sql] ??


I have no knowledge about any software till now , but i want to learn big data analytics i have completed my bsc in agriculture stream,im intersted in switching my field,will i be able to?


Surely tasneem, probably IT is the only field where your education background doesn’t matter until you know the ‘things’. Focus on the basics then slowly start with other deeper topics


as a mechanical engineer can i learn big data analytics?

Rohit Gupta

We believe learning is for everyone. Regardless of your academic background, if you have an interest and a desire to learn something you should always learn it. Big Data is one of the most desirable skills in 2017 and an important skillset to add to your portfolio. All the best Sandeep!


Hii..Im ECE student and mathematics enthusiast.Your insight really helped to lean over big data but still have some queries hope u will hv answer.
1.)what is required span to acquire intermediate skills.?

2.)Is 6 mnth training enough to land a good job..(6 mnth to academic end)☹ ?

3)besides java any secondary prerequisite?

Rohit Gupta

Hi Vitthal

1. Your interest and desire will determine how fast you can pick up these skills.
2. Yes
3. No


Greetings, I have a MBA and no in depth knowledge about IT. Will it hinder my learning about data analytics?

Any advise for me for wanting to switch career into data analytics? Btw, my math isn’t good.

Rohit Gupta

There are no hindrances to learning. If you wish to learn something truly, you will.


I have 7-years IT experience in development mainly PL SQL and Core Java , banking domain and want to learn Big Data Technologies. What will be the job prospects for me in Big Data keeping in mind that i have no prior experience related to Big Data?

Rohit Gupta

I would suggest that you first go into the Machine Learning Domain working as a Data analyst and build your way up. If you try to jump in head first into a data scientist sort of role, you will not be able to handle it because you need to develop your intuition about it. So try a data analyst position and see if you like the domain and go from there.


I am an average student in Mathematics and Aptitude, but Big Data requires people who are good in it. Will I be able to take up Big Data.?Because I really want to enhance my skills, and I had another question,what’s the first step that i should take in learning big data?


what are exact prerequisites for learning data analytics ? Which programming language or which course is neccessary to begin this course?


Hello Myself Suresh, right now working on Windows Server and have good knowdlege in MS Sql, vmware, Linux and Cisco. Is it any worth am i learn Big Data Course because im not satisfy in IT |Admin i want to move some which make my job satisfaction./


I am software developer,currently working in a CRM (Siebel admin as a role).Can we learn HADOOP? Hadoop developer/Admin which is good for me ?Is there any challenges ? what are the opportunists after this?is it really helpful for me?

Arupkumar Ujjwal Halder

I am currently working as a Mobile Application Manual Tester and a fair knowledge about automation testing. I am planning to switch to Big Data Analytics since i enjoy to see from a users perspective being a tester. Where can i begin with for getting into the lake of Big Data? Java? Python? Or i’d be highly obliged if you can direct we noobs how exactly to start from…just like a teacher guides a student. Thanks a lot

Rohit Gupta

Hi Arup

Do take a look at our blog entry: We hope this will clear your doubts.

Team Venturesity


I m a 2nd year btech student from CSE branch. I have gd knowledge of core java but no machine learning background but i m gonna learn Artificial intelligence in my next semester.So should I learn Hadoop now or after doing Artificial intelligence.Another question is that will there be enough jobs for Big Data in 2019?

Rohit Gupta

Hi Aman Big Data is a highly sought after skill and will be very much in demand in 2019. We suggest learning AI first. Do let us know if you have anymore queries.



I am having 10 years of exp in recruitment and planning to change my career to Big data/ HR analytics. I do not have any knowledge on Programming? Need your inputs to how to start my research



Hi… currently I am working as senior software test engineer. I have an idea to learn big data analytics . To learn big data analytics ,any programming language we much know ?

Rohit Gupta

Understand the basics of C++ and Java.

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