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What are the problems in Digital Marketing and how to solve them

Bringing a website to the limelight does not happen in one day. It takes days of strategizing and implementing them. There are few problems in digital marketing that every marketer faces. However, good part is that there are optimum solutions for each of these problems.


While some are good at organic marketing, others find paid strategies easy to implement. There are many facets of digital marketing, and issues vary from person to person. The goals may be similar but there are different areas where individual marketers are stuck up. In this blog we will put together few issues that are common with almost every marketer, and also tell you the best solution to tackle the same.

Redirecting traffic to your website

The sole aim of a marketer- generate traffic and redirect it to the website. Without traffic, everything else will be a waste of time. To figure out what might appeal to your audience is a challenge that every marketer faces. It is a tough judgement to make when it comes to understanding whether a particular colour or a font or a texture will be compelling enough to drive them to your website. While some marketers fail to pull in huge amount of traffic, others are pretty confused as to which area to target for the best result.

If there is a problem, there has to be a solution as well. The best way to bring in more visits is by creating awareness via all channels available at your disposal. However, it remains on you to judge which channel will serve best for your website. Your judgement will help you draw a marketing funnel. You need to question yourself- Are you using the right social media platform? If you are an education blog, is your content providing valuable information? You can turn to analytics tool to understand which channel is performing best for you. Once you are confident about the answers, increasing your website traffic will be easy for you.

Effective Targeting

Targeting the right audience is very important aspect in marketing. To identify your buyer and analyse their personas is integral in marketing. There is no denial to the fact that in order to convince a person to even pay heed to what you are saying or spend time on what you have written in your blog, you need to give them something valuable enough that will be worth the time they are spending on your website. For that you have to identify which group of people you want to target, because let’s get it straight- you cannot please everyone in this world. A segregation is mandatory. Once you are done filtering your audience, the problem arises- is your content providing value relevant to your audience? It is not about YOU, it is about THEM.

The solution comes to the same point: filter your audience. You can do this by segmenting them by demographics, followed by their needs and last identification on the basis of their behaviour. What follows next is judging what can add value to their profiles? Why will your buyer choose you and not some other portal? Your content must appeal to each individual lead you are targeting.

Lead generation and conversion via social media

There was a time when social media was a technology wonder. Most companies just had a profile in there because it was new and they had to be a part of what is trending. That seems to be something quite historic. Today social media is where business is happening, where it is growing. Marketers now face open challenge as to generating proper leads via social media portals. The even bigger task is to convert these leads to generate revenue. Having a profile and posting updates is not what social media is all about. There is a proper science to target, engage, and nurture on a social media profile. Most marketers are unaware of this.

The obvious solution is to learn the “science”. How? Well, social media marketing is all about staying alert of what is happening around, what are your competitors doing on their profiles, how to engage your visitors and influence them so that your leads get converted. All you need to do is analyse your visitors’ behaviour through his social media activity and get your sales team on board to do the rest. Personal interaction always works because that gives way to building a relationship based on mutual trust. Anything that happens in real-time is appreciated.

Staying in sync with new trends

Change is something that is forever constant on the web. Marketing techniques and strategies have undergone transformations innumerable times. From print to digital, marketing has seen phenomenal shifts in the last decade. Thanks to technology, every day we witness the advent of a new tool solving one or the other problem. Interacting with customers have become more and more efficient with new tools. New tools lead to new strategies. The challenge is to stay updated. But how?

It is of vital importance to keep a track of your audience. You need to know where your audience is , and what new tools are stealing the show. Staying alert and informed about the technology world is the best way to stay in sync with the new strategies. Also, you must be aware how best to use these tools for your marketing purpose.

Generating ROI

It is not just about doing marketing, a marketer is also responsible for measuring and understanding the results of each marketing technique implemented. So how do you know whether your efforts are actually worth it?

You must be capable of measuring every penny and trace back what brought the same. Using analytics efficiently is the first demand from an effective marketer. Through analytics you will be able to track down the entire loop which ended up bringing in revenue for your website. What follows next is focusing and doubling the hard work on that area while discarding what did not work.



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Effective marketing can change the fate of a website. It is tough but not impossible. Digital marketers need to identify which area requires improvement- it may be SEO or content or advertising. To understand where your marketing proficiency lies, learn everything about digital marketing from experts. Our digital marketing course will prepare you to take up these challenges and more. Register for our upcoming batch today.


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