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What Do I Need to do to Become a Growth Hacker?

Growth Hacker was first coined by Sean Ellis in 2010. Since then growth hackers have attained a special position and play a critical role in every organization — especially startups and growth stage companies. Anyone with some experience in marketing, product development, coding and analytics can become a growth hacker — from zero to top level. Hence they are also referred to as “jack-of-all-trades”.

What does a growth hacker do? Acquisition, Activation, Retention and Revenue. Growth hacker understands the user, focuses on user interests (and utility), develops the product and smartly promotes the product, approaches the market and acquires users.

What do I need to become a Growth Hacker?Graph-going-up

We put together requirements, processes and steps to become a growth hacker. Here are 10 milestones to achieve your goal as a growth hacker:

1. Understand users as foundation of every business.

  • Gathering the needs of users.
  • Use Google trends. 

2. Keyword analysis related to the product is important for creating PPC ads and aligning content marketing effort.

  • Google adword.
  • Soovle and many more.

3. Backlink from selective set of sites is quite effective to improve page rank. Before “backlinking campaign” is carried out, proper keyword bank and keyword mapping should be done.

  • Use scripting tools to collect urls.
  • Finding opportunities to get backlinks from identified websites.

4. Social media campaign is the best way to reach users. So creating ad campaign, welcoming comments, making groups and related activities are processes which should be followed.

  • Create list of groups and users.
  • Update social profiles and post relevant activity. 

5. Infographics creation and distribution is one of the best way to represent any form for data in form of colorful graphs, charts and bars. After infographic has been created, it can be distributed in different forms like, pdf document, jpg image, ppt, video and so on.

  • Collect the list of websites where you can post.
  • Automate the posting of infographics on various websites using plugins or scripting tools.

6. Maximizing content posting is another way by which you can spread word about your product and reach market among various user groups.

  • Create content using data, chart, video or image.
  • Automate the content posting using plugin or scripting.

7. Email campaigns are best way to approach connected user directly and make them aware about your product. There are many ways to use email to boost growth.

  • Collect email id of target users.
  • Automate and schedule the email marketing.

8. Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is most important practice by Growth hackers. SEO is dealt with on-page optimization of website and off-site optimization includes backlinking and other advanced analysis. It helps Google to find your content.

  • Use Moz tools.
  • Use Google Analytics, Webmasters.

9. Coding, Scripting and technical knowledge is also needed to become a growth hacker. These technical skills helps in understanding the user behavior, their interest and also exploring the market.

  • Use Xpath Scripting
  • Use Web Scraper

10. A/B testing is also conducted by Growth Hacker to optimize different pages on the website. To conduct this test, different version of the same page is created and analysis is conducted. Based on the result from analytics, decision is taken on how optimize the page to maximize registration.

  • Use Optimizely
  • Use visual website optimizer with Goggle Analytics

These were the milestone that needs to be mastered to become a growth hacker. Is there any other major milestone and tools being used by growth hackers? Do let us know in comments below!



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