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What is Your Best Personality Trait?

Companies at different stages of their business are looking for different types of people. Of course, the cliché ? more risk, more reward ? does not fit for all.  It is important to understand your skillset before you choose your path. Sometimes a high-flying executive from a blue chip company who gets enamored by “early stage companies” may not necessarily be a good fit, and vice versa.  In reality, the “roll up your sleeves” environment may be more challenging than perceived.

John Greathouse, partner at Rincon Venture Partners, a US based early stage venture capital firm shows how companies require different skillset at different stages of growth. As John puts it: Proper Stage = Proper Hire.

You can read more about it in his blog ? infoChachkie (click on the link)

As founders of venture backed companies, what personality trait do you look for in candidates when hiring?

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