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What’s cooking? @PerkHackathon


Heat up an idea,
Add a pinch of creativity
Mix it up well with codes
Add a dash of innovation, and simmer it for 24 hours!

Viola! You have your own recipe for success ready.

‘twas a cool winter morning, serene and beautiful. So calm and quiet just the sound of rustling leaves and the chirrups of birds. Wait, what? That’s such a big fat lie. We live in Bangalore! Chaos is the beauty we like to admire. More than a hundred hackers, brainstorming sessions, great ideas accompanied by good food and drinks! Well, these are the perks of being at the Perk Hackathon!

So it all started with checking the hackers in at 9:30.

12404623_1009042055806346_714191151_nThe ice, as they say, broke with the Marshmallow challenge. It is a remarkably fun and instructive design game. It encourages teams to experience profound lessons in collaboration, innovation and creativity. It was amazing to see the team efforts of the hackers in building structures together. Kushagra and Sonu engaged in lively conversations with the hackers during the challenge.

Soon after, Prakash introduced the candidates to the company. He also talked about their operations and the Hackathon. Perk is one of the largest rewards companies in the world. Perk operates on many mobile applications and self-owned websites. It allows members to earn and redeem Perk Points. Their mobile application, Appsaholic is well known.

After a brief introduction, we declared the hackathon  open.The aim of the hackathon was to build a functional mobile application that integrated:
•    The Appsaholic SDK
•    A RESTful API either publically available or self-made
•    Social login (optional)

The participants were free to choose the concept, design and implementation of their application. Also, they could develop their own API for use with their mobile application. Sounds like some serious hacking eh? But hackers have fun while they work and the Perk office made sure of that at all times. Foosball, Table Tennis, Mini Golf and video games on the Xbox!20151220_010737

Work hard, play hard is what the ambience of the office suggests. Regular servings of food and drinks made sure that the hackers are fully charged at all times.

12415592_1009042102473008_1055092304_o 12415962_1009042182473000_340398371_o

Hackers had a strange mix of pensiveness and excitement. Everybody was ready with their overnight wonders by the morning. Sleepy eyes, yet so jubilant waited patiently for the judges to visit them and glance at their solutions.
We announced the deadlines for submission as 10 am.

Prakash, Vamsee, Arpit and Satish started the evaluation procedure by 10:30 am. 22 teams presented their solutions and the hack got officially closed by 2 pm. The judges were pretty impressed by the quality of submissions. The results of the hack  will be shortly announced, but it sure was one hell of a hack! 

Good things come to those who cook well! And when it’s about cooking codes, our hackers surely know it well!

I would like to thank Harpreet, Sonu and Tushar for their valuable inputs to the blog and the collaborative efforts of the Venturesity team and Perk team for making this hackathon a huge success!


The year is nearing its end, but we are ready to rock up the New Year. Venturesity is bringing to you one of the biggest hacks ever in the coming year. As for the Christmas, go grab your prizes at the KooKoo Communication Challenge now!

It’s raining prizes! Build-Submit-Win!

Happy Hacking peeps!


 Pratik Saurav
(Venturesity Team)



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