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Mind Maps, the name speaks a thousand words

What is it in reality? A roadmap to success or just any other fancy form of art? Why is it such a big deal? Why does a major chunk of fortune 500 companies use mind maps today to solve their problems? So many questions, such less time.

So let me brush you up on the basics. Towards the end, you will be able to crack the next hack with utmost ease by building one yourself.

You will become a mind mapper! You are getting that Jedi feeling already, aren’t you?

What was a mere hand to paper tools has now become a revolution. It is the perfect marriage of thoughts, analysis and creativity. The mega success story of Tony Buzan and his mind mapping concepts is famous worldwide.

MIND MAP. Here’s what it means.

To be precise, a mind map is a visual representation of your thoughts. The connected information and relevant interconnections are the branches around a key subject. These help you analyze, strategize and deduce conclusions. I like to think of it as a volcano with a central core and overflowing information at all ends.  A mind map has its usability in all sorts of learning and thinking tasks. Businesses, education, consulting, IT… you name it. They all have seen endless possibilities to profit from this tool.  It is all about how you harness the power of mind maps. Connecting the dots was never so simple!

Often at our hackathons, we have seen our hackers use this amazing tool to break down a problem . Mind maps help them understand the interconnections, structure their thoughts and plan their actions. This simple example of a mind map will help you understand the art of problem-solving better. It is not just in consulting or education; technologists use it too.  The entire cycle of a software development may use mind maps at various levels. They help us understand and dive deep into the problems. Try doing an exploratory analysis of the problem or an idea at hand using them; you will realize it is so much fun. This TedX talk by Tony Buzan will help you understand how easy it is to draw a mind map and structure your thoughts.

How can you use mind maps for your next hack?

  • Plan using mindmaps
    Focus your mind maps around the problem statement. Find the various interconnections and link available data and resources. Structure your thoughts using mind maps and decide your approach in a better way.
  • Consolidate
    A mind map has this amazing capability to collate information into a mere one pager. With relevant info at your fingertips, you can save those painful hours. Structuring, collating bringing sense out of the information all at a go. You are in total control!
  • Project management
    By creating a mind map you can view all the elements of a problem all at once. It acts as a trigger for your brain to bring out innovative ideas and plan the action items better. You can now save yourself from the ordeal of chaos and randomness.
  • See the bigger picture
    Track where your thoughts and actions are leading you. It’s a perfect platform to analyze and make decisions. You can even predict the potential roadblocks and mark the key focus areas. You can see the big picture all at once instead of using the tedious bit by bit validation techniques.
  • Present
    Mind maps are interactive and easy to understand. You sure want the judges and other people in the room to understand your solution in one go. Use a mind map, present better and stand out of the crowd!

One map and so many functionalities. Such a great hack to problem solving, isn’t it? Now you know why they call it the meta-language of the human brain. I am sure you can’t wait to test it out in our next hack. Let me suggest you some free online tools which can help you out in the process. Tools like XmindFreemindCoggleWisemapping and others may help you rock the show.

Also, if you need an example of how mind maps work, take a look at the one below. It summarizes this article quite nicely, don’t you think?

This article Mind Mapped!
This article Mind Mapped!

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