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Why Android Training is Essential to be a Part of Mobile Revolution?

Why Android Training is Essential to be a Part of Mobile Revolution?

Android OS comes with the beauty of being an open source operating system giving the leisure to individuals as well as companies to use, or add, or even modify the source code depending on their needs. Android is growing at a speed unimaginable. Every day is a new release day for Android. In the realm of such situation, developers who are not trained in android might just lose out on good opportunities.

Android is the Next Big Thing – Be a Part of the Revolution

With so much happening on Android platform, developers who are trained with the basics of android development surely stand at a position where those not trained might feel super jealous. Android as an open source platform is offering developers to experiment more and more, and encouraging them to build something new, something unique. This platform being a mass favourite, we, at Venturesity highly encourage every developer to join our Android Development Course. Our experts will help you open up new avenues you thought never existed. With every update in the market, our course is modified and is professionally designed to suit your purpose.

Why our Android App Development Course is a MUST for a developer?

Our Android App Development Program is designed in a way that will reach out to every need of a fresh mind. It is paced in a way that students will have no difficulty in grasping the program. Our training comes with practical experience and our experts will always be there to guide you. We provide database for students to pick up ideas and work on them during their course period. Starting with elegant games to working on any productivity apps, our course will ensure you know all of it. Our classes happen over the web where you can interact with our instructors live and learn everything you need to develop an android app sitting at any corner of the world.

While we encourage you to join us, we would also like to add how Google’s recent announcement pertaining to coding will open up new avenues to android trained developers like you in the recent future.

How Google is Gearing up to take Coding to the next level?

Google recently hit the headlines with its new update to Chrome 32 beta- Chrome DevTools. This will help developers to build as well as debug any mobile web application without undergoing any configuration hassles. Even when you are designing your application, the DevTools will give you the option of going through popular device screens, and for that you needn’t leave your development environment. Amazon’s drone delivery experiment did marvel us we couldn’t help but linger on Google’s new announcement of transport Chrome apps to mobile from the desktop. Though Google Code has not yet hosted any such news, but Google Groups have confirmed that developers across the globe will have a new toolkit to build chrome apps for Android as well as iOS.

This toolkit will help coders to build an application that can be termed as a hybrid of Android and iOS. With Chrome app polyfills and through Apache Cordova platform, developers will be able to create this. It will include modifications of mobile designs, bug fixing, working over certain limitations and lastly testing. When all of these will be done, Google says the apps will be ready to publish in beta form sometime in January 2014 to both Google play store and Apple’s app store.


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