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Why Learn Android Programming?

The mobile world is ever transforming. It is said that by the end of 2013 there would be more mobile phones on Earth than there are humans! In the midst of this ever-burgeoning mobile industry, lies the mighty Android. Today, with a worldwide smartphone market share of more than 75%, Android leaves its once-formidable competitors (Apple?) far behind. Over the years, the number of low-cost devices powered by Android would exceed 2 billion.

Why Learn Android Programming?

The inception of this flourishing Android phone market in 2008 also gave birth to the much-evolving Google play a.k.a the Android App Store. Much like the phone’s success, the app-store has shot off to astonishing levels too. Starting with around 2000 applications in 2008, Google Play now has more than 850,000 applications in store for its users. Moreover, it boasts of more than 48 billion downloads to date, with a download rate much faster than that of iOS (103 apps downloaded every second!).xyo-monthly-app-downloads

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This app market has also opened wide doors to developers all around the world. With an open source concept, Android is free to develop on, prototype and deploy without paying a single cent in license fees.

Android development is also much less restrictive as compared to its counterpart, iOS, making it more expedient for Android developers to deploy their apps.

The best thing about Android is that it is based on the Linux platform and provides absolutely easy environment accessibility and the core functionality for building fabulous applications for mobile phones. Support is umpteen umpteen as well. With tons of support from Google and other Android development communities coupled with a great deal of resources available on the web, making an Android app has become unexacting and trouble-free for many.

Also, your project can be finished quickly through decreased development time allowing you to ship your cherished app to millions of users!

So get in your development shoes and gear up to learn android app building from Abhinav Srivastava, one of the co-founders of X-Pay, a mobile peer-to-peer platform build on the android system.



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