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5 Reasons To Have A Mentor In Your Life

Like dumb driven cattle, we blindly follow the herd after high school and end up struggling at a grad school with random subjects and no clue of the future. We enter the graduate programs with a little or no understanding of the complex landscape of higher education. We don’t know how our chosen domains will drive expectations for ideal career pathways. The advanced study differs vastly from the undergraduate studies. At the high school, the aim was to gain knowledge whilst now you want to gain knowledge with an aim to contribute. The graduate school is a like professional launch pad. You understand how your discipline works and how to hone your skills to make a career in it.


I will give you a real life example. My application form and the course brochure had a very articulate statement of purpose. It still was Greek to me. I signed up for Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering with no clue of its future or my interests in the discipline whatsoever. It was not very long into the engineering when I realized probably I cannot profess this discipline. This feeling of getting lost is something which everyone can relate to. This is where the need of good mentors arise. That one person who can show you the light and guide you through the Opportunity Store to help you decide your path. Our career goals are evolutionary and a good mentor can assist us with our professional evolution.


So how can you benefit from a mentor?


Research and Development (Self/Business):  A mentor can explain the nature and quantity of research your discipline or industry expects. He can provide useful inputs to your work and help you develop networks internally and externally. He can help you establish a workable balance between academic or professional responsibilities and your research.


Success and assistantships: A mentor can help you receive financial support in the form of assistantships, scholarships, or investments in your firm or study. They also accelerate your productivity in research activity, idea generation, networking and scaling.


Mentors can help you be at the right place at the right time: A correct mentor can give you a wide exposure to opportunities and help you in making those correct choices. Like now! Do you know what’s the right place and right time for you? Bugasur Bangalore! After winning over Mumbai and Bangalore we are back with the biggest version of Bugasur. More apps, more bugs and bigger cash prizes. 😉


Insights and Emotional Support: You can always rely on your mentor for “ some words of wisdom”. You can learn how to balance the demands of your career and personal life to gain direction. Often, a single piece of advice from a mentor can be the catalyst that changes your frame of reference forever. The valuable insights that your mentors provide can change the face of your future.


Startup!– Mentors are the secret weapons of a successful startup. Simply having mentors isn’t enough. If you want your long cherished dream of a successful company, you need a mentor who knows how to turn it into reality. An analysis from Techcrunch states that mentors who had already achieved success in the tech industry were able to help younger tech startups outperform their peers by a factor of three. The message is clear, a great mentor steers your startup towards success.


As they rightly say, ” Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen and a push in the right direction.” Your future rests on the path you choose. Choose it well.



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