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Why Venturesity Courses are Not Free?

Free!  This psychologically stimulating word to propel consumers to consume a product has at times been used to lure them into consuming stuff of poor quality or no commitment driven. A similar story stands in the face of our company too. I’m talking about Venturesity Courses. We have come across many investors, students, working professionals asking us as to why are courses aren’t free. Well, I believe it is essential and regardful on our part to explain and give our views into this very issue. Here are three reasons why our courses are NOT free yet –

1. Quality and Commitment

Quality! Yeah, it's an assurance from us!
Quality! Yeah, it’s an assurance from us!

The utmost important factor for charging our customers for the courses is that we ensure QUALITY. We mean it and thus take it very seriously! All our courses are taught by experts from well-known and trustworthy companies like Hewlett-Packard, eBay, Google (They’re all there!) and have gone through detailed discussions of the course material and practice sessions with us before actually putting it forth in the market. Equipped with engaging hands-on classes, challenging assignments backed with a certification, our courses ensure an all-rounded learning experience for literally anyone. This quality couldn’t have been sealed without charging our customers.

If one pays for the course, there is seriousness and commitment to completing the course. It is not surprising Massively Online Open Courses (MOOCs) – Coursera, Udacity have low completion rate of less than 10%.

2. Face-to-face learning experience (for our offline courses!) and Instructor Led Online Courses (ILOCs)

Yes, offline teaching is much more personal and efficient at times!
Yes, offline teaching is much more personal, interactive and efficient most of the time!

Online learning has certainly revolutionized our ways of learning, however, we believe the experience of a face-to-face class with an instructor is equally importance. Research has shown blended learning significantly improves the learning experience and decreases attrition rates. We’ve combined best of both the worlds to make a difference. All our courses are led by instructors- whether online or offline in smaller groups (less than 25 per session). When a student interacts with a professor or fellow peer within a class, it forges deeper relationships and enhances learning to new levels. We at Venturesity offer the same learning experience to anyone who takes our courses at Bangalore, Chennai or Washington D.C. We offer a blended model where students can partake on both offline (face-to-face) experience supplemented by online tools and support communities, meetups for continued peer learning experience etc.

3. Industry-orientation and Hiring Partners

All our courses are taught by top industry experts!
All our courses are taught by top industry experts!

Many might argue that – “Why can’t I take similar courses on Udemy or Coursera where they are free?” Venturesity employs a pedagogical model to develop well rounded talent using various tracks (Mobility, Big Data etc) rather than one-off courses (Udemy) or university types (Coursera). Our curriculum is structured by our track leaders i.e. top industry experts globally and courses are taught by  practitioners. This model ensures the hands-on knowledge being imparted are up-to-date with current technologies and would strengthen students (candidates) job prospects. Once course-takers have completed the program, they are directly linked with hiring partner companies to demo their projects/products. We even assist candidates with resume-writing and putting them in front of the right companies.

And, finally we have not raised astronomical amount of venture money to splurge :). It seems cliche, but there is no such thing as free lunch. There is always a cost associated and someone is paying for FREE – investors, sponsors (advertisers), your time etc.

Do check out our courses in Big Data Analytics, Growth hacking, Android app development and much more!


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