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World Environment Day- Top 3 Practices at Venturesity

Howdy 21st century peeps and geeks,

Venturesity wishes everyone from the startup industry and beyond a VERY JOYFUL AND HEALTHY- WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY!

The IT industry accounts for about 2% of all the greenhouse-gas emissions not far behind commercial aviation. Making information technology “greener” is at the top of every big IT company’s agenda (Facebook, Google, Dell ….. you name it!). Venturesity strongly believes that a “green” culture could be deftly adopted even in startups, no matter how small or big. We do our part to embrace environmental-friendly practices in our day-to-day work. Here are 3 ways we show we care —

1. Going Paperless

Cmon techies, get rid of paper!
Cmon techies, get rid of paper!

We hardly use paper in our office. From brainstorming ideas to working out designs for our webpages to practicing all our amazing drawing skills, we do that either on our beloved laptops or the gargantuan whiteboard. Pens and paper have indeed become a rarity to find in our office. Btw, we have saved a lot of money too – double bottom line!

2. Innovative way to share Business Card

No business card baby!
No business card baby!

Both our co-founders, Subhendu Panigrahi and Prashant Koirala still don’t have a business card – and none of our 7 other associates! This has helped them save paper – we’re talking matt-paper which causes much more harm to the environment!.  In addition, buck load of weight off their pockets when they attend startup events or are involved in business meetings. They’ve used Bump! abundantly (an app that lets you share your contact and other business details through your phone to someone else’s by just “bumping” your phone against the other), otherwise emails, LinkedIn etc. Most email services these days store the emails of the recipients making sure all the contact details are automatically saved in the account. To reiterate the point – use more tools and technologies – there are lot of amazing freebies.

3. Energy saving at Office

We don't mind this!
We don’t mind this!

In Bangalore, we’re blessed with one of the most fabulous weather. We also lucked out with the office space – good source of natural light, quiet neighborhood and multiple windows. Therefore, we return the kindness with minimal usage of lights and AC ( and sometimes even fans).  Everyone may not be as lucky, but every startup should ensure they don’t overuse utilities and be welcoming of mother nature. Just improving on basic habits like switching off the lights and fans when leaving the room, switching off the AC (not central AC) when the room is sufficiently cold – every small act of human kindness keeps the office more eco-friendly.

Courtesy : Awesome weather in Bangalore and great working space!

What other practices do you think could be adopted to make our workplaces more energy efficient? Do let us know through your comments below!


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