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Yes! Every Company Needs to Host Internal Hackathons

In the past couple of years, the idea of hackathons has caught on like wildfire in India. Big and small companies are all looking to unearth new, exciting talent through hacks and are doing away with age-old hiring methods. Hackathons are also being recognized as sure-shot ways to discover and encourage new ideas floating around in the market.

The above statements make it clear that companies are entirely focusing on hackathons as external resources. There is practically nothing for employees and employers need to change this scenario quickly. Why? Internal hackathons, held routinely in the West, have already demonstrated that they can come as a breath  of fresh air and get the excitement going again.

Yahoo! Hack Day
Yahoo! Hack Day

Yatra held an internal hackathon a few weeks ago, and it turned out to be a resounding success (you can read all about it here). And here’s why you too should jump on the bandwagon.

A Spark Of Innovation

It’s not enough to focus on bringing about a surge of innovation and creativity amidst external resources. These need to be fostered internally too. After all, your present resources are the ones who are going to continue to build products, create new avenues for business, and bring to life new ideas. Holding internal hackathons will get the ball rolling on future ventures for your company.

All Aboard!

Hosting internal hackathons can prove to be great team-building exercises. Given that hackathons, more often than not, come attached with a strict deadline that can help bring a team together to work towards a common cause. It is also an excellent tool that can bring out the best in each team member and shows them how to play on their strengths instead of focussing on weaknesses.

Fight Fatigue

As a company starts to settle into business routines, structures and procedures begin to appear. An internal hackathon can sure shake things up. Without the constraints of time and budgets, teams can unleash their thinking and come up with ideas that can probably be taken up in the near future. Getting rid of the same-old-way of functioning can also go a long way in rejuvenating employees and encourages them to break the mould.

Mix It Up

A company, big or small, needs to run like a well-oiled machine for it to attain success. This means that not some but ALL parts of the machinery need to work together. Internal hackathons provide the perfect platform to mix it up and gets people from across departments to pitch in. This helps employees understand each other’s perspectives and challenges while also stressing on the importance of working as a unit and encouraging lasting interactions between teams.


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